Saturday, 18 March 2017

NPS a different perspective

The contributory pension system was notified by the Government of India on 22 December 2003, now named the National Pension System (NPS) with effect from 1 January 2004. The NPS was subsequently extended to all citizens of the country with effect from 1 May 2009, including self-employed professionals and others in the unorganised sector on a voluntary basis.

  • Tier I :The primary account, which is a pension account which has restrictions on withdrawals and utilisation of accumulated corpus. All the tax breaks that NPS offers are applicable only to Tier I accounts.
  • Tier II: In order to introduce some liquidity to the scheme, the PFRDA allows for a Tier II account where subscribers with pre-existing Tier I accounts can deposit and withdrawn monies as and when they want. NPS Tier II is an investment account, similar to a mutual fund in characteristics.

  • The subscribers can choose between 8 Fund Managers namely-
    1. ICICI Prudential Pension Fund Management Co. Ltd.
    2. HDFC Pension Management Co. Ltd.
    3. Kotak Mahindra Pension Fund Ltd.
    4. LIC Pension Fund Ltd.
    5. Reliance Capital Pension Fund Ltd.
    6. SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Ltd
    7. UTI Retirement Solutions Ltd
    8. Pension Fund (PF) to be incorporated by Birla Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd One Fund Manager must compulsorily be selected.
  • A subscriber must choose between active choice and auto choice for distribution of his contribution. If active choice is selected, the subscriber must indicate the percentage distribution between corporate, gilt and equity. The maximum investment allowed in equity is 50%.
To make the NPS more attractive for subscribers, PFRDA has introduced several new features, including an Aggressive Life Cycle Fund (LC-75) which allows subscribers equity exposure of up to 75% till 35 years of age. It will be brought down by 4% per annum till 45 years, 3% from 45 to 50, and by 1% from 50 to 55 years. A major complaint against the NPS is the fact that while you get tax benefits during accumulation, the final corpus is taxed. In response, the government made 40% of the accumulate .. 

The existing provision of section 10(12A)of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides that payment from National Pension System (NPS) to a subscriber on closure of his account or opting out shall be exempt up to 40% of total corpus at the time of withdrawal. The amount utilised for purchase of annuity is also tax exempt. However annuity received as pension is taxed.At the time of normal exit, 40% of the total corpus is mandatorily required to be purchased for annuity. The subscriber has the option to use higher amount for purchase of annuity.

Above are salient features of NPS in brief. Now the main question that I am confronted with as a financial advisor. Should i go for NPS.

I shall present few facts and leave on your wisdom to decide if to go for same.

Now since I shall only discuss on TIER 1 which has tax exemption I shall give you real time example.

Table 1 considers that investment made in NPS of 50,000 and saved Rs 15000 every year for next twenty years

Table 2 considers that tax payer opted out of NPS and paid Rs 15000 tax left with Rs 35000 for next 20 years

Table 1 gives you return of NPS for past five years
Table 2 gives you return of mutual funds for same period

* returns of NPS taken as highest as per value research by UTI for past five years as average
* returns of mutual funds taken on lower side as few have given higher returns as well
* Age at time of opting for NPS is taken as 40 years

Now below Table gives you clear taxation and withdrawal post maturity at age of sixty

* For the purpose age of investor has been taken as 40 years and period of investment 20 years
* The same does not consider any other IT relief the person shall enjoy under 80C for simplicity

Check the corpus accumulated in both the options.

Clearly if someone opts for scheme I which has equity and compare same to equity mutual funds the difference is large. Also Equity mutual fund shall be completely tax free and liquid. 

Even if someone opts for Government securities and corporate bonds the fund may be lower as per MF returns but the entire corpus shall be taxed as long term capital gain hence tax free after indexation

NPS is a beautiful scheme where the cost of management is very low and is discipline approach to investments. However the same has failed to pick up as it should have. Honestly I who knows about finance has never thought of this scheme.

My rationale for not opting for same:

  • Just to save Rs 15,000 every year why should I block my money till I am 60 years old?

  • When I have similar option in Equity mutual funds where I can register SIP till time I am 60 years why this?

  • At maturity I might want to spend my entire corpus on buying a Property, Holiday and may not like to get struck with 6% p.a annuity on 60% of my fund

  • On annuity received I again pay taxes and hence left with further lower returns

  • Why not I start a systematic withdrawal plan of my corpus in equity which shall be completely tax free

Few of my investors wanted to know if they should transfer their current PPF to NPS. My analysis says PPF currently has lock in of 15 years with guaranteed return of 8% tax free. If you check NPS returns of non equity funds it is close to 10% which is part taxable. 8% tax free is almost similar to 11% taxable. Then why block your funds till age of 60

How can NPS lure more investors

  • Give option of 100% equity fund which shall attract younger investors and a choice to get good returns by staying in Equity for long
  • Make entire corpus at the end of NPS maturity completely tax free
  • The tax payer be given option to buy annuity or withdraw complete amount as he feels fine
  • Although the new finance Act has given staggered withdrawal option of 20% over few years the same is also taxable
  • Money back option at regular intervals be made optional post few years which should be tax free.
  •  Cheap or interest free loans be granted against NPS as NPS is safest collateral government can ever have

Respected Arun Jaitley Sir I have no intention to put NPS in bad light but as my duty as financial advisor it is my duty to present facts to citizens.

I hope you shall consider above recommendation to bring benefits of NPS to larger section of society as it is a great scheme but with few drawbacks. A scheme just to save tax but not flexible at end of tenure may not go well with country from majority of population working is young

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mother 's appeal to our PM

Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Toady I am not writing as a professional or Citizen  This is the voice of an emotional mother in Delhi 

2015 Delhi elections I did may best to convince people to vote for you. But I guess false promises, money and bottle of liquor has more weightage in this country than true work. The result which I was fearing. Aam Aadmi Party, the worst party ever in history of this country won with huge majority.

Being born and brought up in Delhi I have a huge emotional connect to the city. My education and professional upsurge is all for this city. I still remember those peaceful and happy moments in Delhi University outside Shri Ram College of Commerce. I used to come late at nights  after my audits travelling DTC busses with no scare. 

That jogging through the streets and going for picnics in open air. Sitting outside at tea stall and having tea not worried about pollution and health

I am a mother now. Delhi is no more proud capital. Every kid is suffering from allergies and pollution. Our kids are already smoking 8 cigarettes without even touching tobacco. There are traffic jams and pollution all around. Hawker and three wheelers have all rights to occupy roads. The inner circle of connaught place is filled with hawkers and trash all around

My doctor says the children need to have more physical workout and yoga. But where? Even he has no answers. Just check around how many people have resorted to exercise inside closed doors than to expose themselves to this killing air.  While we have options to install air purifiers at home what about schools?

Every three months there is a threat of swine flu, Dengue, or chickenguinea.

Our Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is busy in getting himself heal at Bangalore. But can all of us afford this much time and money?

He is busy campaigning for elections in other states and questioning Army on surgical strikes. He is busy on twitter abusing you and BJP. My house maid has to wake up at 4 at her home as water supply is only from 4AM to 5 AM. 

And we are grasping for breath in traffic jams all we hear on radio is lies by this party for what all they have done.

I do not understand politics but one am sure of one thing. My only option now shall be shift out of this city or may be country. I know it shall be only my loss but am left with no other options. We cannot let our kids breathe this air and do permanent damage to their lungs and immunity system .

India will do very well in economic terms and I am sure will be a world leader. But what will I do with high growth numbers when most of my time is wasted in visiting doctors or fighting the system. I am writing this cause I have lost all hope. I have no expectation from this current AAM Aadmi Part government. 

They are here for their own agenda. And I can tell you if elections in Delhi are held again they will win again. They are slowly converting Delhi to slum capital and their vote bank shall remain intact. It will be too late when people will realise what blunder they committed.

With tears in my eyes i request you with folded hands please look at us in Delhi. Most of families have already moved out and many thinking on same lines. Health is most important to everyone. 

I hope you shall understand my pain and pain of most other mothers whose kids now no more go out to play grounds. Their childhood is lost and youth at risk

PLEASE HELP. Only you can help else I shall have to part with my childhood and find memories of this city


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

An open letter to our prime minister

Dear Prime Minister.

I saw your pics today & respect your humbleness even when you are abused day in and out. I have huge respect for you and you are an inspiration to many. Self made, fighting all odds from being called " maut ka saudagar'' to being a world most followed leader. 

The risk of Surgical strikes where opposition did not spare you asking for proof, god forbid if it had been a failure. Demonetisation where 38 leading economists of the world discounted India for next one year, forget the likes of P Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh and many more who had hidden agenda. Today you stand tall with GDP on track and economists running for cover.

This letter is from an ordinary citizen who is in pain today. Pained to see Anti national slogans being glorified in name of freedom of speech. Pained to see the same Delhi university which gave foundation to my carrier debating how Army rapes woman. Pained to see a girl Gurmehar Kaur occupies three days in media when a martyred Jawan not even five minutes. 

When one runs away from news and you switch on FM all you hear every five minutes are lies of Arvind Kejriwal. How he has created Singapore out of Delhi when everyone knows the truth. Switch off the radio and plan a drive. The traffic chaos and pollution will bring you back home coughing. And then when one goes on Social media you find abuses and trolling. 

You are planning to bring citizens under Income tax net and rightly so. Everyone needs to pay taxes as their duty towards nation. A company is required to give every detail to last rupee how much money earned and spent. But what about political parties? I have to file an RTI to get their balance sheet? which also may not be available.  

Whenever I see full newspaper page advertisement of AAM Aadmi Party and every 15 minutes on Fm channels I feel as if my hard earned money is being burnt in bonfire. Along with my tax money burnt are dreams of lacs of those poor who still dream of false promises being fulfilled. 

If I am expected to pay taxes then I have all rights to know where they are being used, Why it is not available online like any other company information on ROC?  When I advertise my brand I pay out of my pocket. Then who gives political parties to advertise using tax payer money? 

Companies like infosys are under scanner for high payments to management. But at least they manage, But why I have to approach RTI and risk my life to Know how much our MLA & MP splurging on my money?

Theses thoughts have crossed my mind for years. when is see small children begging on streets even after 60 years of independence. When I see criminals fighting elections as proxy. When I see a old woman sleeping on footpath who was promised an old age home. When I see poor struggling at government hospitals and Chief ministers spending lacs at Jindal in Bangalore,

I am writing for first time as I feel you shall be able to understand my pain. I request you with folded hands to bing about a change so that I pay taxes with positivity and not out of compulsion. You and you are the only hope for me. I might get trolled but I can relate with you coz I share the same modest background as yours.

An ordinary citizen

Renuka Jain

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Twitter trolling: An experience to make or break you

This blog is not about statistics. This is the voice of my heart after having moments of joys as well as painful experiences of trolling. To start on a positive note this platform has been a life changing as I gathered beautiful friends and gained huge knowledge reading different views of people on various events.

I was a bindaas person going along with routine of life. Was happy posting pics on Facebook and getting likes. Life was work,family and party. when suddenly one day I just for fun  opened a twitter account. Not even knowing how to tweet, what is #, what is followers and following. 

However was lucky to have a group of friends who guided me whom to follow,how to tweets and troll. I had this hatred towards a particular political party. That was it. All my tweets were directed to troll,insult and abuse them. 

As I slowly moved on unconsciously I started to enjoy this. As my group extended I was advised to follow a a big handle. Yes you guessed it right, Dr Gaurav Pradhan. Reading his tweets I used to feel inspired but never expected a revert from his side.

Although many of his group friends were my friends too but they had suggested me not to expect any revert from him as he has huge followers. Amongst all this I was trolled also some times on small issues and it was this group of friends who came to rescue me. 

But wait what was happening.? Why irritation,hatred,anger became a part of me? Why was I who stopped watching news channels for negativity and was so positive in life, losing it out. Humbleness started to leave me. I started to become a person like "either you agree with me or you are an idiot".Why was I getting so intolerant?It started affecting my family and work.

Then as destiny has all plans, I decided to tweet only positive stuff and decided to spread financial knowledge which is my expertise. No one would read them. I was thrown out of groups where RT vs RT was the rule. So if you do not RT their tweets even if it has abusive and foul language they will not support you.

On the verge of giving up to my surprise I got an RT on my tweets on Brexit and its impact by GPS.That was like a different experience. He admired my knowledge and encouraged me to write more on finance and assured he shall be there to support me.

There was more magic waiting to happen.Finest Economist and a pure soul Mr S Gurumurthy RT my tweets and praised. For me it was like I got a lifetime achievement award. I am sure his blessings are working for me

 And then there was no looking back. In this path I made great friends and they know (Mahinder,Sudhir,Ravijyot) I am writing about them

But wait, why did the close friends of Gaurav Pradhan Sir felt threatened with me? Slowly they start to block me, calling me an ISI mole, AJ mole who is trying to honey trap him. I went into an emotional trauma of self blame and  a feeling of guilt that because of me a group of friends separated for no mistake of mine. 

But then my heart realised was that friendship so fragile that it felt threatened with a newcomer like me. Why was this all happening? While their abuse on me might be justified as their possessiveness for a friend instead all became personal. 

Came down to an extent when sick and sexual remarks started. Few words like CHAMIYA, CONDOM,SEX started to feature. And worst now any one who supported me became the target. 

Worst of all he became a bigger target than me. It hurts me the way he was target as a threat to nation security by the same set of friends who used to worship him before I joined. Are friendships on this virtual platform as fake as fake handles?

Slowly even my subconscious mind started to involve and I became a part to answer back. Swaying between checking handles and then looking to hit back at them ,to quitting Twitter became common with me. With a feel of unease as hatred made in a way into my life. As one says negative emotions are easy to enter our system

Every morning when I shall wake up I shall ask myself "Am I happy ?" No said my heart. What was wrong? I am doing great at work. Blessed with a beautiful family. Have great friends and enjoy good health. So yesterday I sat in front of almighty for help. Power of meditation where you do not speak but let the lord speak to you. 

Trust me I got all answers. Yes it was only me and me responsible for my loss of peace. Why do I need to get affected by negativity. From today I am a different person. I shall continue my support to Mr Narendra Modi and raise my voice against injustice. But not engaging with others who shall learn at some point of time that this hatred and trolling first passes through them before it hurts others.

I also realised that my followers were so positive that instead of abusing people who trolled me they stood by me and supported me. My blessings to all of them and thanks from my heart to stop me to go down a level which I would have regretted later

I have nothing against anyone now. I shall continue with my path. All I can say is that sometimes this virtual world makes us forget our own identity. No.of followers or RT becomes an important part of us. We do not even realise how we slowly start to drift away from our family and real friends. Our behaviour and self worth gets dependent on what notifications we get. Life becomes virtual and virtual world becomes life.

As most of us are born with healthy body but our abusive lifestyle let disease enter , so is our soul. Soul is born with basic qualities of love,peace and positivity but layers of hatred and jealousy destroys it. 

Working in Kitchen we normally keep spices and grocery most needed in front row. Rest occupy the back row. But slowly the back row keeps on slipping and after some time we buy the same stuff not remembering it was already there. The back row is basic quality of soul. But we go outside to temples to search for peace and happiness forgetting as the front row of hatred,jealousy and irritation has overlaped these qualities.

We all get frustrated when we see our MP & MLA behave like goons in parliament. News channels where all guests are shouting at each other not respecting view points of others. Is twitter going that way? Are  we not getting intolerant towards others not sharing same point of view. We can always agree to disagree

If we all have one aim to make India a world power under Mr Narendra Modi leadership can we just be more positive in our approach and support each other. Trust me if he losses 2019 India will be in hands of goons waiting to loot money they lost in demonetisation. Will all of us not shed tears then? Are we waiting for that day to get united?

I can go on and on. But for me I have promised myself I shall not lose my identity behind this virtual world. My wishes to them who feel I am threat to this nation and have extra marital affair with almost anyone and everyone in this world. Wow I must be something special man.

Am pasting this beautiful link on twitter trolling video by Shefali 
Hope she has no objection else I shall delete the same.

I know i will be trolled for writing this also. But I hardly care.

All the characters in this blog are fictitious and resemblance to anyone dead or alive is pure coincidence 😊

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Mr Vajpayee: A diamond lost in shine India campaign

In the early 2000s, India had witnessed steady economic growth under Vajpayee, and BJP in general had become synonymous with progress due to reforms, infrastructure including Golden Quadrilateral 

Development oriented Vajpayee took over PM Office in 1998, one of his first major announcements was the 6000km highway project called “Golden Quadrilateral” which intended to connect most of the major industrial, agricultural & cultural centres of India, including the 4 metro cities.
Over the next 5 years, Vajpayee’s govt added almost 25,000km of national highways which was the highest ever in a 5 year timeframe since independence which kickstarted economic prosperity.
The rate of economic growth in 2003, a few months before the UPA came to power, was at 7.9%. The rate of inflation was at 3.8%. In fact, the rate of inflation during the entire NDA term averaged at 4.8%,
The 2004 Lok Sabha results did surprise many people , journalists and even the Congress party considering the fact that almost all major exit polls  predicted a resounding victory for NDA 

When BJP passed the state assembly elections of 2003 with flying colours, Vajpayee thought it was the right time to call for early elections and recommended premature dissolution of Lok Sabha in early 2004 to utilize the mood which he thought was in his favor.

 General Elections were conducted in mid 2004 during which BJP left no stone unturned to glorify itself through the “India Shining” campaign, , but almost all the newspapers, analysts & opinion polls predicted a resounding victory for BJP.

However few facts which BJP should keep in mind going into 2019 elections

The number of people who voted for Congress & BJP had almost remained the same in 1999 & 2004.
10.3 crore people had voted for Congress in 1999 and even in 2004, around 10.3 crore people voted for Congress.
8.6 (crore people had voted for BJP in 1999 and even in 2004, around 8.6 crore people had voted for BJP.
But look at the number of seats won.

In 1999, through 10.3 crore votes, Congress had won 114 seats but in 2004, using almost the same number of voters, it won 145 seats!!

In the case of BJP, in 1999, it had won 182 seats through 8.6 crore votes but in 2004, inspite of having the same number of votes, could manage only 138 seats.

To summarize, with approximately the same sizes of their respective voter base , Congress managed to increase its seats by 31 while BJP’s seats decreased by 44, ultimately leading to it’s defeat.

However there are few other reasons where Mr Vajpayee failed to connect to voters inspite of best development projects and high GDP

1. Failure to use surplus food stocks
Perhaps the single biggest failure of the NDA government was its indifference to the millions of tonnes of foodgrain always lying (rotting?) in Food Corporation of India godowns even as thousands of farmers, reeling under drought in several parts of the country, were crying for food. The tragedy was that Indian exporters were merrily allowed to export wheat, sugar, and other food items in this scenario.

2. Wrong timing of the election
While Atal Bihari Vajpayee was initially reported to be keen to let the NDA complete its full term till October 2004, the Islamabad Declaration of January 6 with its fallout that serious discussions on Jammu and Kashmir would begin in June and be carried forward in August appear to have compelled him to agree to the party (L K Advani?) line of having the election earlier

As a result, the NDA government lost the golden opportunity to present its regular 2004 budget, which, finance minister Jaswant Singh later told us, was to usher in a second Green Revolution. That budget, with a strong bias towards agriculture -- largely neglected since 1999 -- would have been an excellent platform for the NDA to win over the farming community.

3. Skewed election campaigning
Almost all the campaigning was on the NDA government's overall development results, such as the government's Golden Quadrilateral scheme, political stability, peace in J&K, peace with Pakistan, high international status, credit cards for farmers, etc on the one side, and running down or making warnings about the Congress on the other. 
Towards the end of this campaign, the BJP even openly begged Muslims for votes, thereby upsetting lakhs of its conventional supporters.

4. Failure to look 'different' to the public

His wielding of swords, shooting of an arrow at the Ramlila festival, wearing of various headgears -- Muslim, Assamese, Kolhapuri, etc, etc -- was a cheap gimmick carried forward from Nehru's times. His iftaar parties and attendance of such parties thrown by others was also a carry-forward of old hypocrisies.

So to summarise I shall say it was not connecting to rural India, Soft stance and peace making attitude towards Pakistan, Wooing minority voters which was not  appreciated by majority of Hindu, Poor food grain management , His following of Nehru policies and calling elections six months in advance were main reasons for loss of BJP inspite of the fact the economy did brilliant at that time

Also the money was rightly concentrated on much needed infrastructure products but the results started showing only one UPA took over. So the hard work done by Mr Vajpayee was credit taken by Mrs Sonia Gandhi

Although many other rumours doing the round about his personal life and non vegetarian food not taken well by Hindus. Also there were rumours that Mr LK Advani might take over leadership which did not go well with masses

To quote few where he showed being vulnerable to Pakistan and minority

“Get out of the fear that is dividing the nation and vote for a government that will not allow any community to live in fear,” Mr Vajpayee said, addressing the Minorities Conference organised by the BJP’s Minority Cell.

There is nothing that cannot be solved through dialogue,” he said, and referred to the conduct of elections in Jammu and Kashmir and the improvement in ties with Pakistan.

New Delhi, February 25
Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today stressed the need to create a congenial atmosphere for resumption of sporting links with Pakistan and said Indian players were willing to play wherever they were asked to.

Now lets see how UPA 1 benefitted from great economy it got in hands and how it wasted a decade of our country.

2004 to 2014—India’s lost decade

Not only did UPA 2 not deliver on the potential, but it also let the economy slip—the UPA inherited an economy that was growing at 7% in 2004-05, and it will bequeath to the next government, a growth rate that is likely to drop below 5%.
But it is worth remembering here that the economy is not like a James Bond movie, where the storyline of one movie has very little connection with the storyline of the next. An economy is continuous in that sense.The period between 2004 and 2014 is truly India’s lost decade.
The fiscal deficit for the year 2003-2004 came in at 4.5% of the GDP. The fiscal deficit for the year 2012-2013 was at 4.9% of the GDP. 
The massive economic growth during 2009 and 2010, when India grew by 8.5% and 10.5% respectively ,was primarily on account of the government expanding its expenditure rapidly. As Sir Gurumurthy always stressed that the growth was asset inflated
As Ruchir Sharma put it in a December 2013  in the Financial Times
"With consumer prices rising at an average annual pace of 10 per cent during the past five years, India has never had inflation so high for so long nor at such an unlikely time... Historically, its inflation was lower than the emerging-market average, but it is now double the average. For decades India's ranking among emerging markets by inflation rate had hovered in the mid-60s, but lately it has plunged to 142nd out of 153."
Effectively, in eight out of its 10 years in power,  the UPA created 15 million jobs. Since the Prime Minister’s Office loves to compare its growth figures with those of the preceding regime headed by the BJP it would be worth pointing out that between 1999-2000 and 2004-05, 58 million jobs were created.
And of course the list of scam is long and will take the entire blog space.
What all this clearly tells us is that the economic growth during the UPA rule fed on the economic growth during the NDA rule. The UPA has left the economy in shambles, and the government that takes over, will have a tough time turning it around.

Now lets see How Mr Modi who was given zero economy with Bank NPA and lost credibility in foreign soil did well in first year of his legacy
  • The economy rebounded.
  • Exports and imports declined.
  • Foreign-exchange reserves grew.
  • Coal production, electricity generation and petroleum consumption rose.
  • Non-performing assets (NPAs) in banking soared.
  • India ease of business ranking rose
  • Almost 80% villages electrified and toilets made under Swatch Bharat............

List is too long
In seven of 12 indicators evaluated by IndiaSpend, the data reveal a similar trend—a reasonable economic performance after an economic downturn, as the chart below reveals:

So how is Prime Minister Modi different from Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee

  1. Vajpayee Ji spoke to your heart whereas Modi speaks to your brain. Vajpayee could make you weep with his speeches, Modi would not. Modi’s would make you think.
His speech on MAKE IN INDIA Inspired many

  1. The biggest and crucial difference is that Vajpayee functioned through the BJP and the organisation, while Modi functions outside the BJP creating his own parallel structure of individuals 
Mr Modi functions on his mental strength not as a BJP PM but PM OF NATION

  1. Vajpayee’s PMO was like a happy family whereas people worked together in complete trust of the Prime Minister. Modi’s PMO is like Corporate Headquarters where the emphasis is on delivery, performance and deadlines.
All babus were initially very upset with him coz their routine of entering office at 11 and leaving at 4 was disturbed.

  1. Vajpayee was magnanimous in his dealings. He could be forgiving, benevolent and accommodative. Modi is a hard task master, he knows how to make use of the system and use it to his advantage.
Reminds you of Surgical Strikes and Demonetisation?

  1. Vajpayee could never connect to Rural and poor India although his intentions long term was india shining. However Mr Modi has connected to common man.
Remember Common Man not complaining against demonetisation queues.

Its still early to compare the two political heavyweights. Though they have less similarities and more differences but still both of them have the common agenda of development of people.
Now after going through various blogs and reading articles I have more and more admirer of our PM. Not only is he working 18 hours non stop 365 days for the nation in all directions ........But also making sure that he does not commit the same mistake which Mr Vajpayee commited.
So his stress on Rural, Housing,Agriculture, Cheap housing loans,Swatch Bharat, Vocational schools for youth........................unending
I Understand this blog is all about politics but spare few lines from my heart. Have never seen or heard a leader who is so aggressive yet diplomatic. A leader who resides in heart of common indian as well as heart of world leaders. A leader who promotes technology yet sleep with pain of farmer in his heart. A leader who has ambition to take India to heights yet risk his political carrier and life with demonetisation and surgical strikes  A leader who listens to all abuses yet only answers at the right time....................

Is this power of meditation? Is this power of his selfless love towards nation? Or is it power of million blessings he receives.
Shall end with this beautiful poem from Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee with all respect

भारत जमीन का टुकड़ा नहीं,
जीता जागता राष्ट्रपुरुष है।
हिमालय मस्तक है, कश्मीर किरीट है,
पंजाब और बंगाल दो विशाल कंधे हैं।
पूर्वी और पश्चिमी घाट दो विशाल जंघायें हैं।
कन्याकुमारी इसके चरण हैं, सागर इसके पग पखारता है।
यह चन्दन की भूमि है, अभिनन्दन की भूमि है,
यह तर्पण की भूमि है, यह अर्पण की भूमि है।
इसका कंकर-कंकर शंकर है,
इसका बिन्दु-बिन्दु गंगाजल है।
हम जियेंगे तो इसके लिये
मरेंगे तो इसके लिये।
My honest confession few facts in this blog are by google search as i was not so politically active then. Apologies and thanks to all blogs and news articles who help me in my research.